Adoption Home Studies


All adoptions in Washington State require home studies as mandated by law. A home study provides a family with the training, education, and preparation they need to bring a child into their home as well as evaluates the fitness of the family and matches them with a child. It is important to remember that there is no such thing as a perfect parent. A home study is about finding a real parent to parent real children.   

Children’s Home Society of Washington provides home studies to families considering domestic, international, or relative placement (when a relative of the child other than the parents are adopting the child) types of adoption. Services are available in the Seattle-Tacoma and outlying communities.

While we do not place children through international adoption, we will conduct the home study, and our staff work in tandem with the placing agency to make sure that all requirements are met for the country and that immigration has the paperwork necessary to start the process. We conduct the home study as well as place children for families adopting domestically.

The Home Study Process

The home study process consists of:

  • Home study application form sent to CHSW - click here to download the application  
  • Submission of personal information, such as background checks, references, financial documents, medical reports, employment verification, autobiographical statement you create about your life history
  • Series of four personal interviews
  • 10 hours of parent preparation training classes
  • Final summary and recommendation included in Home Study Report

Trained, Caring Staff

CHSW has over 100 years of adoption experience and has been on the forefront of applying best-practice standards to the area of adoption for many decades. Highly skilled, compassionate, and experienced staff help adoptive parents navigate the home study process. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Home Study Fee (international)    $2,095 ($195 non-refundable)
Home Study Fee (domestic)     $1,795 ($195 non-refundable)
Second Parent Adoption Fee $725  
Home Study Update     $1,350  
USCIS Update $550  
Post-placement Report $460  

For more information on the adoption or home study process, contact Cheramy Hassen at
CheramyH[at] or 206-695-3233.

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